Meet Griffin

Griffin, left, and his two buddies Sean and Britt. Together, they collectively murdered the city of Cleveland (1796-2015).

Griffin, left, and his two buddies Sean and Britt. Together, they collectively murdered the city of Cleveland (1796-2015).

Hello web world. It’s me, Griffin Connolly. The one on the left.


A tea-sipping, keyboard-pecking, shoulder-slumping beanstalk with incisive lobes and an acid pen. For those of you who a) aren’t familiar with the term “resume” or b) refuse to click on that webpage for any number of reasons, I’m a junior history major at Boston College, a high school sports correspondent at The Boston Globe (currently on the boys’ soccer beat), and a staff writer for the student newspaper, The Heights. I’ve covered college basketball for The Associated Press. In the summer of 2016, I interned at the Dorchester Reporter, a kick-ass local weekly in Boston. During the 2015-16 NBA season I interned for Celtics Hub, the ESPN TrueHoop network’s Boston Celtics affiliate.


I have an unbounded zest for life. Most of us will only be here anywhere from, oh, 70 to 90 years. So why not ask that cute girl in your Spanish class out on a date? Why not jump from a plane wearing only a backpack stuffed with flimsy canvas? Why not take that weekend trip to Washington, D.C. when Southwest has a one-day sale?


Want to know more? Come. Take a ride on the Griffin Connolly Express:


Hometown: The hippie, the trippy Cashvegas, Tennessee (Nashville).

College: Boston College, or, as it’s more commonly known among ACC hoops coaches, “The Trap Game.”

Family: A father, Patrick; a stepmother, Diane, who’s been around since I was nine; an older brother, Brendan and an even older sister, Meaghan (who is now married to Jim); two older stepbrothers, Eric and Evan; a mangy, neurotic, possibly inbred dog, Mac.

Favorite fast food restaurant: Krystal. No question. A No. 1 combo with two Chiks on the side and sweet tea for the drink. 1,700 calories of bliss.

If I could be one U.S. president: Richard Nixon, solely to undo his presidency. My pet rock from the third grade would have caused less harm as POTUS.

Grossest thing I’ve ever eaten: Ox intestines at Korean restaurant + the South = pint of Pepto Bismol.

Least favorite basketball player: Kevin Martin

Top five NBA players ever, in order: Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron James (still ascending), Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal.

Best moment of my life: Huddling around the television in my family’s media room watching Princeton’s Doug Davis drain a last-second shot along the left baseline against Harvard to send the Tigers to the 2011 NCAA tournament. My brother was a sophomore center. It was the first time I’d ever cried of joy.

Biggest pet peeve: People who think “travesty” and “tragedy” are synonyms.

Three things I love: Broadway musicals, skim milk, and myself.

Three things I hate: Politics on social media, cultural historiography that descends into useless abstraction, and pineapple pizza.